Getting Smart on Drug Offenses - Thomas Kenniff - District Attorney

Getting Smart on Drug Offenses

Thomas Kenniff will embrace the policies that decriminalize possession of marijuana for personal use, while continuing to hold those that sell or supply this gateway drug to our children accountable. He will also take a treatment first approach to minor drug possession cases. While Thomas Kenniff believes in a fair-minded approach to low level drug sale cases, particularly in situations where someone may be selling to support their addiction, he will not surrender our streets to traffickers that profit by bringing hard drugs into our communities, with often lethal consequences. Overwhelming evidence shows that hard drugs like heroin, fentanyl, and cocaine, disproportionately impact minority and underserved communities, increasing addiction, and facilitating gun violence and gang activity. As District Attorney, Thomas Kenniff will ensure that his office resources are allocated where most needed. Money saved by diverting low level drug cases to treatment courts, will be repurposed to go after drug traffickers who target our schools, our children and most vulnerable communities. His office will support community-based policing efforts that build a bridge of trust between the police officers and the communities they serve. Only by partnering together can we build a better and safer tomorrow, that every New Yorker can share in.

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