Reforming Bail Reform - Thomas Kenniff - District Attorney

Reforming Bail Reform

As District Attorney, Thomas Kenniff will work to persuade our legislature to revisit New York State’s disastrous bail reform law. This law was rushed through by agenda driven activists, with almost no input from prosecutors, judges or moderate voices. As predicted, the results were devastating. Because the extremists that forced this law through the legislature were more concerned with their agenda than the people, they resisted calls to include a public safety provision to balance the new law’s liberalization of bail standards. The result has been a catch and release system, where judges are forced to release repeat offenders with violent records back into our communities, even when they pose a discernible threat. It is often the most underserved communities and most vulnerable victims that suffer the consequence, such as domestic violence victims whose assailants are being released only to re-terrorize them, and small businesses struggling to survive the pandemic, that are being repeatedly burglarized by the repeat offenders. While common sense bail reforms addressing economic disparities and reducing the judicial system’s reliance on cash bail for non-violent offenders are warranted, the current reforms are anything but sensical and put all law-abiding New Yorkers at risk.

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