There’s Never Been a Time Like Now - Thomas Kenniff - District Attorney

There’s Never Been a Time Like Now

Eliminate the handling of health care payments by profit hungry corporations and return the power to the People to choose and pay for their own health care.

Thomas Kenniff has been on the frontlines of the COVID 19 pandemic, answering the call to active duty as an officer in the New York Army National Guard. Having served as the legal liaison officer for the Javits hospital mission last year, and now serving in support of the Operation Gotham Shield, the Javits’ vaccine center, Thomas has seen firsthand both the despair this pandemic has wrought on our city, as well as the new dawn emerging as more and more New Yorkers are being vaccinated each day. As New Yorkers we have every right to expect that our city will emerge from this pandemic resilient as ever, and with renewed spirit and optimism. There will, however, be work to do. Thousands of local businesses have now been permanently shuttered, and too many residents have fled the city for warmer pastures. Commercial vacancy rates are at an all-time high, as large corporations have adapted to a remote workforce. In order to survive, New York City has to win back those residents and businesses, and attract new ones. We also need to revive the tourism that had flourished along with our historically low crime rates. In order to do this, we must be able to ensure the safety of those that live in and visit our great City.

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